Mission & History

Our Mission

The vision of the Vegan Iron Chef organization is to celebrate creative culinary achievements, unite the ever-expanding vegan community, bring attention to food justice issues, and encourage and support regional Vegan Iron Chef competitions and community cook-offs in cities across the globe. We are a Portland-based nonprofit network utilizing an arts–entertainment platform to bring awareness and respect to the vegan lifestyle and cruelty-free cuisine.


As a popular vegan mecca, Portland, Oregon, has been home to two city-wide Vegan Iron Chef competitions. Vegan chefs from restaurants and food carts from across the city competed for the title in 2010 and 2011. We’ve since outgrown all appropriate venues and with such a teeny tiny group of volunteers, are currently producing community cook-offs as fundraisers to save up for future city-wide events and taking our show on the road!

These photos are from our 2010 event at Ecotrust in Portland, OR. You can find photos from our 2011 event at Refuge, attended by over 300+, right here on our Facebook page.

Vegan Iron Chef is an independent nonprofit organization based in Portland, OR. Please get in touch and visit our How-To Guide for information on how to plan a competition in your city and help our Vegan Iron Chef family grow.