Exhibitor Spotlight: Petunia’s Pastries

Let’s get to know our next exhibitor, Lisa Clark, the gluten-free guru behind Petunia’s Pies and Pastries. Lisa will be hand-delivering treats for some of our lucky trivia winners as the doors open!


What’s the story behind your business name? Ooh, love this question. No, my name is not Petunia, although it seems to be my baking superhero alter ego these days. Being super detail oriented and indecisive, I made myself sick lying awake at night thinking of names. I was running in Forest Park a year and a half ago, wracking my brain over what to call this new operation I was about to start up. I wanted something with meaning, giving a retro, homey feel that was cute and catchy, of course. I was also into the letter P at the time. It hit me–growing up, my mom had a ceramic wall decoration above our kitchen stove, a pig head with little purple flowers on it. She was our kitchen mascot. Her name was Petunia the Pig. I remembered this little pig and wanted to also pay homage to my mom, who taught me to bake, so there it was, perfect!

Petunia's Pies & Pastries

What’s your favorite recipe to make? Anything with peanut butter. Whether the Cowgirl Cookie dough or Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Cupcake, I would bathe in peanut butter if I could. Also, I absolutely love making pie dough and forming the pretty ridge around the edge. SO the Bumble Berry Pie is always a favorite.

Where’s your favorite vegan brunch in town? Blossoming Lotus kicks butt for brunch!

Which competitor is your money on? Morgan from Dovetail! Bakers rock! And, you go, girl!

What type of business is the Portland vegan community missing? An all-vegan ice cream shop! Otherwise, a vegan dessert haven that is also GLUTEN FREE! Open as a late-night hot spot, serving drinks, music, and fun for the most exciting and downright most scrumptious sweets in all the land. It may be called Petunia’s?!

Petunia's Pies & Pastries

What’s in store for your company? Any new products or events? Petunia’s continues to grow through the PSU farmers market every Saturday (now doing fresh rotating special gf/v donuts every weekend, pecan gooey rolls, etc.), wholesale at more Whole Foods locations, coffee shops and cafés like Mississippi Pizza, Ruby Jewel, and Blossoming Lotus. Some potential new BIG accounts in the works (can’t say yet). We will debut an entirely new wholesale menu this summer! More breakfast pastries, bars, cookies, cupcakes, and pies/tarts. Doing many special orders for events, parties, and weddings.

We’ve been getting more and more press and getting more involved in vegan and gluten-free local organizations and groups/events to build our clientele and gain exposure so that when we open our first retail bakery, there is a bit of buildup and anticipation and customers are ready to break the doors down! We plan to open our first space by the end of the year, or beginning of next year, most likely in NW Portland. It will be different than your average bakery, a bit more creative, inventive, fun, high-energy, and dynamic with rotating specials and a dessert bar feel, serving up drinks, fun, and the best desserts in town. We can’t wait to blow up! Then it’s every major city, cookbooks, and Food Network here we come!

Any suggestions for future secret ingredients? Hmm…peanut butter. For sure!