On today’s episode of “Mystery Ingredient”, we talk with Waz Wu, Portland-based vegan + food and lifestyle blogger (not to mention, impressive professional graphic designer and ramen-enthusiast) who’s the local ambassador for the growing wave of official “Veganizers”. Our own Jess, Travis and Steph hear about the mission of this action-packed vegan consulting and pop-up group, whose movement is unfolding across the globe, with chapters in Spain, Brussels, London, Philly, New York, Portland, and more. Their motto is that “the future of food is plants”, and they work to “help restaurants get there faster”.

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Waz Wu is a graphic designer and cat lady based in Portland, Oregon. She writes about all things veggie, from restaurant reviews, to vegetarian recipes, to local events and lifestyle. She leads the Portland chapter of Veganizer.

More about Veganizer: “We work directly with restaurants and chefs looking to expand the vegan items on their menu. After working with us, we announce the newly veganized menu with a sold out ​pop-up dinner. Restaurateurs see a packed room of excited people taking photos of their food and sharing. Hosting a veganizer dinner forces a kitchen to go through the motions of being vegan. Working with Veganizer brings you to the future of food.”

MF Tasty + Veganizers Portland, image source: wazwu.com

Quotes by Waz Wu:

“I wouldn’t eat my cats, so why would I eat a cow, a pie, or a chicken?” 
“I realize there’s no such thing as a perfect vegan, but I’m just trying to do the best that I can, to cause less harm in the world”
“We work with restaurants to officially HASHTAG #veganize their menus”
“A successful pop up is typically all it takes to convince the restaurant owners to keep these options on their menu,”
“Reach out to them on Instagram. Let them know, and go buy the vegan options,”
“I’m obsessed with noodles. It’s ridiculous.” 

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