Exhibitor Spotlight: Brass Tacks Sandwiches

Brass Tacks Sandwiches

We’re thrilled to have the brand new, super vegan-friendly Brass Tacks Sandwiches tabling and sampling their housemade deli creations at our competition this year. To learn a little more, we asked their vegan mastermind, Misty, a few questions.

1. What’s the story behind your business name? Getting down to Brass Tacks means getting down to basics. We wanted to open a shop that serves simple delicious food everyone can enjoy, and for us that means starting with great ingredients as a base. We focus on using the most responsible, local, organic products possible.

Brass Tacks Sandwiches

2. What’s your favorite recipe? My favorite sandwich we make is called The Velveeta Underground. It features our housemade Smoky-Oat cashew cheese, agave-smoked “ham,” garlic aioli, Dijon, lettuce, and carmelized onions.

3. Where’s your favorite vegan brunch in town? The only vegan brunch I’ve had in Portland was at Blossoming Lotus, and it was pretty delicious!

4. Which competitor is your money on? Oh dear, that’s tough. I really love Dovetail Bakery, though, so I will have to go with Morgan.

5. What type of business is the Portland vegan community missing? I would love to see a vegan ice cream shop.

6. What’s in store for your company? Any new products or events? Well, Brass Tacks just got started two weeks ago, so we have a lot in store for the future! Right now we have a brunch developed and plan to start service in early July. Get ready for homemade vegan quiche!

7. Any suggestions for future secret ingredients? Coconut could be fun.

Brass Tacks Owners